Use Question Pool feature to Create, Add, Reuse and Monitor your questions

During the time of July 2018, there was no way for a customer to share common questions between quizzes. Customers manually copy pasted or uploaded the questions, leading to a lot of manual work. Keeping our customers pain points in mind, we have come up with a solution namely the Question Pool.

Question Pool allows customers to create a new question, Import (through excel and word format), Track and Filter questions. It also gives you the question statistics to show how your students have responded to your questions.

You now have a feature that will allow you to create test modules fast and also help you respond to your customers needs.

To know more more about why to use this feature, you can visit our blog article linked below.

To know how to make use of this feature, you can visit our support article below.

PS: If you would are interested in trying out our platform, there is a 14 day free trial wherein, you can create your own online academy and access all features.

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