Learnyst changelog
Learnyst changelog

Tags Will Now Be Available as Hyperlinks




Students can now click on tags on the syllabus page and view all the lessons which have the same tag.

Tags GIF.gif

Integrate Pabbly With Learnyst




You can now connect multiple apps within Learnyst using Pabbly Connect.

Create workflows for connecting your favorite application & services without any manual efforts

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Copy Multiple Courses, Mock-tests & Test Series

Want to create a new course, mock-test or test series from your existing ones?

The new copy product feature is here to help you.

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Your Academy is Now Availabe In Web 4.0




We are really excited to offer you the new web 4.0 🥳

So, what are the key highlights in this release? Here are a few.

  • Your students can now switch between dark and lite modes 🌙
  • Students can see all courses and tests by sliding the cards without clicking on the View All option 👍
  • You can make your categories more attractive by adding icons to categories 🙂

Now, you will have the latest contemporary designs and responsive UI elements on your site. 🤩

GIF-web 4.0.png

You can check the web 4.0 interface in this link - https://www.logicowl.in/learn👈

Note: There is no change in the course player and test player interface.

Create a Stunning Website With Multiple Pages With The New Site Builder




Using the new Learnyst site builder, you can build a beautiful, responsive website with multiple pages.

You can choose from 120+ build-in free templates, customize the designs to suit your brand & create a new attractive website in minutes.

You can do all this without coding.

Here is the support article to help you: Create a stunning website in minutes

Add Multiple Hosts And Run Parallel LIVE Classes




You can now add multiple hosts and run parallel LIVE classes for your students.

As always,

  • Your students can access the LIVE classes from your website and mobile apps
  • They don't need the Zoom app to access your LIVE class
  • Students won't be able to see or share your Zoom class link

Here is the support article to help you: Sell Your Zoom Classes Securely

Add Short & Long descriptions for your Lessons




Within your lessons, you can now add short and long descriptions.

Students can now read the lesson descriptions and get to know what topics you will cover in that lesson.

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Enable Speed Control & Video Quality Option for YouTube/Vimeo Embeds




We have implemented speed control and video quality option for your YouTube & Vimeo video embeds.

And, it works on both your web and mobile apps.

So, what is this update all about?

  • Students can now change the speed of your embedded YouTube/Vimeo videos.

Now, you can create a great student learning experience with your video embeds.

Teach Zoom Live Classes Securely Within Learnyst




You can now securely conduct Zoom classes from your learnyst account.

What’s more?

Only the students enrolled in your courses will access your LIVE classes.

The best part is, students can access your Zoom live classes from your branded website and mobile apps without the Zoom app.

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Billing Address Update: Collect Buying & Shipping Address From Your Learners




Previously, you could collect only one address from your learners.

Based on your inputs, we have updated this.

You will now be able to collect both buying and shipping address details from your learners.

Simply go the General tab from settings and enable both checkboxes from the Learner billing address section.