[Updated] Custom Fields: Build A Crisp Student Profile And Get Into The Minds Of Your Students

Every student joining your academy has his/her unique need.

For some, it could be getting that dream job in a Fortune 500 company.

For others, it could be overcoming the fear of writing the math exam.

Every student need is different. But, there is a way to find repeating patterns and use them to solve your student need.

The new Custom fields help you do just that.

"Know your students better than what they know about themselves".

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[Updated] NewsFeeds: Get More Student Traffic Without Spending A Single Dime

When it comes to finding students, blogs or newsfeeds help you a great deal.

When you write blogs on student topics like how to pass physics board exam with 90 marks or how to write a math algebra exam, your students will most likely find your blogs on google.

The newly updated newsfeed will help you do it. Learn more: [Updated] Newsfeeds: How to get more student traffic for free

Deliver Your Course Contents Effectively With Segments And Subsegments

Students learn better when your course contents are presented in meaningful segments rather than as a big continuous unit.

The latest segments and sub-segments feature lets you create more coherent, learner paced courses that your students will love.

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</> Code Snippets - Now track Google & Facebook Ads Conversions Easily

If you are running ads on Facebook & Google then you will need to track them right?

With the latest Code Snippet block, you can track individual courses students purchased from Facebook and Google Ads very easily.

To find it first go to admin dashboard >** Marketing** > App Integrations > Code Snippets

So, now start marketing your courses & track its performances effectively.

Structure Your Courses & Mocktests With The Categories Feature

Your online academy is a place where your students can learn in a structured way.

When your courses are neatly categorized and ordered, it becomes easier for them to learn and grasp concepts.

The latest categories feature in your admin dashboard will help you structure your courses or tests.

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Conduct Actual Exam Replicas With The New Mock Test Templates

We have recently released Mock Test Templates for CAT, GATE and IBPS exams. These are actual exam templates and exactly replicates these competitive exams.

These are available only for Web 3.0 and will work only from desktop or laptop screens.

So, now conduct mocktests that replicate actual real exams with these templates.

The New Institute Feature - Build multiple subschools from a parent school in 5 min

You may be running multiple subjects in a parent school. For eg: you may run an online programming academy (ex: codemesh.com)for students & developers

Now if you want to start a new academy (ex:developercode.com) exclusively for developers, you don't need to build it from scratch.

Using the new Institute feature, you can simply copy the existing contents from your parent academy and build the new school.

Know More: https://support.learnyst.com/en/articles/4129669-everything-about-the-new-feature-subschools

Enable Refer & Earn Option & Increase your sales

Your students are your biggest marketing asset for your online academy. So, why not use them to increase your course reach?

The new feature refer and earn will now motivate & reward your students for referring their peers to your course. Lets find out more about this feature.

Read more: https://support.learnyst.com/en/articles/4122986-enable-refer-earn-option-increase-your-sales

Now teach your students Live with Learnyst Live Classes

Previously, we had supported only 3rd party live class integrations like Zoom, Youtube and Facebook live.

From this year onwards, you can teach your students LIVE with Learnyst Live Classes.

No need to use or install any 3rd party tools.

Conduct Live Classes from 30 to 90 min for upto 100 students. Also, use our Live Chat feature to answer their questions via chat.

Know more here: https://blog.learnyst.com/learnyst-update-live-class/

Prepare Mocktests with the Partial Marking Feature

Partial marking feature allows you to give marks your student if their answers are partially correct. This is especially useful if you are preparing mocktests for IIT-JEE exams.

Know more here: https://blog.learnyst.com/learnyst-update-partial-marking