Live classes features released for all Course plans.

Now You Can sell Your Live Classes

We know you all had been waiting for this for long:)

Now you can deliver live classes and sell them through Learnyst and your learners would not have to go out of the learner's interface.

To know more about live classes integration in your online school, here is a step by step guide: Live-classes-mailer.png

Now Create and Save Groups For Easy Access of Your Reports

Did you know that now you can easily filter out the information that you need from the Report Center and save them as a group? What more? You can access the information later by simply selecting the specific group. Awesome, isn't it?

To know more about creating groups in Report Center, click here,

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Now Customize Your Transactional Emails, Before Sending Them

If you are already running your online branded teaching website on Learnyst, you know that for the actions performed by the learners, they receive different transaction emails. But they don't carry your brand logo and so far you didn't have the option to edit any texts. But with our new customizable transactional email templates, you can add your institute logo or edit the texts as you like, to customize the emails to reflect your online brand.


PayUMoney - New Payment Gateway Added

Yes! You heard us right! We have added one more payment gateway to spoil you with the wide range of payment gateway to choose from. Now you can select PayuMoney as a preferred payment gateway to collect payment from your learners.


Question Pool - Upload & Use Questions in Different Mock Tests

For past few months we have been getting requests from you about having a pool of questions. And we realized how that will help you create the mock tests easily. So we decided to act on it and here we are with a brand new feature. This is what you get with question pool,

  • A storage system for all your test questions
  • Question analytics of the pool question (How many times used, how many times answered, how many times unanswered etc.)
  • Ability to use the same question in more than one test with out manually adding it everytime


Now New Zealand Currency is Supported in Payment Gateway

Are you in New Zealand and wondering how can you use Learnyst to collect payment in NZD? Don't worry as we have now introduced NZD as a select-able currency from the payment gateway configuration page,


Introducing New Report Center for Downloadble Analytics


We believe, with the release of Reports, it is is going to be your next most visited page within your online teaching website.

Reports can provide you with the following information,

Learners reports

Sales reports

  • Transactions
  • Finance
  • Product sales
  • Courses
  • Mock-Test
  • Test series
  • Bundle

Learning Analytics Reports

  • Courses
  • Mock-Test
  • Test series
  • Bundle

So what are you waiting for? Go check out this awesome new feature today!!!!

Now You Can Sell Your Courses Only on Mobile App

The main challenge that comes your way during the growth phase of your branded online teaching App is securing your content from content pirates and competitors. And with the high end security protocols of the branded mobile app developed by Learnyst, your content is always more than secure.

And to give you the option to restrict your course sells only on the branded mobile app, we bring to you the Mobile Only Courses


Test Series: The One Stop Test Analytics

To provide your learners with a series of extensive mock tests you might have used Bundle in past. But that left you with a lot more to crave for. Especially, a one stop access to all the tests' analytics. But worry no more. Our Test Series feature has been launched to give you the option to create a series of extensive while your learners' can access their performance analytics from one place. Now isn't that easy? So what are you waiting for? Try out test series, right now.

Here is how test series works,


Integrating Apps Now Made Easier

From now on you can integrate 3rd party apps a lot easily and get the best out of your online teaching business. These apps are meant to boost your online business like no other. The recent list of apps are headlined by,

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Adwords
  • Facebook Pixel

But the integration is not limited to these three only, you can add any other 3rd party apps using the Code Snippet. You can access App Integration by heading to your admin settings.


No published changelogs yet.

Surely Learnyst will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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