Learnyst changelog
Learnyst changelog

Teach Zoom Live Classes Securely Within Learnyst




You can now securely conduct Zoom classes from your learnyst account.

What’s more?

Only the students enrolled in your courses will access your LIVE classes.

The best part is, students can access your Zoom live classes from your branded website and mobile apps without the Zoom app.

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Billing Address Update: Collect Buying & Shipping Address From Your Learners




Previously, you could collect only one address from your learners.

Based on your inputs, we have updated this.

You will now be able to collect both buying and shipping address details from your learners.

Simply go the General tab from settings and enable both checkboxes from the Learner billing address section.


The New Language Editor: Customize Texts And Add Languages




Want to change the display texts in your website/apps to your preferred language? The new language editor is here for you.

Use it to add new languages, and custom texts on your website.

Go ahead and teach without any language barriers.

Know more: How To Use The Language Editor

You Can Now Sell Courses As Subscriptions





Students can now buy subscription plans from your academy.

Make your course sellable with subscriptions. When you sell subscriptions, you make consistent recurring income from your course sale πŸ’°

Read this support guide to know if subscription model suits you.

Configure Test Grades For Marks In Decimal Points





Previously, you could only create test grades for marks in whole-numbers.

With the latest update, you can create test grades for marks in whole-numbers and decimal points.

Here is how to configure test grades for your mock-tests.

How To Create And Share Unlisted Courses With Your Students

When uploading a course on your academy, you can set it as Unlisted.

This means, only those who know the link to your course can view it. You can share this link with your students, or with prospective students to enrol.

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Enable Apple Signup On Your Course Website





You can now enable an Apple Signup option on your course website. Students will now be able to use their Apple Id's to signup to your academy.

Here is how you can configure Apple Signup from your academy

Sell Your Courses Easily Using Subscription Feature





You can now sell your courses by creating subscription plans.

Students can make recurring payments on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly basis to purchase courses. πŸ’°πŸ’Έ

Check out the how-to create subscriptions support article to know more πŸ‘ˆ

Use subscriptions to sell your courses more easily & profitably. 😍

Download Live Class Attendance Reports





The latest update in LIVE classes is that you can now download details of students who have attended your LIVE classes.

Use this support article to mark attendance for students who attended your LIVE class.

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How To Import Learners Into Specific Product Segments





You can now import your learners into specific product segments.

So, for instance, if you want to give all your class IX students access to the class IX product segment, you can do that with this import feature.

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