Smart Coupon Code is Out Now

March looks promising for us, as we keeping shipping the important features for your online institution. And our newest addition to the list of features, is Smart Coupon Code.

Coupon code is one great feature if you plan to increase your overall sales and generate more leads. Using smart coupon you can,

  1. Offer coupon codes to your learners as promotional plans
  2. Schedule a coupon code
  3. Limit the number of times coupon can be used
  4. Limit the number of time coupon can be used per learner
  5. Decide on the device type for applying coupon code

With all these features we believe that coupon codes is going to be your friend forever when it comes to plan your promotional campaigns.

Learnyst_coupon-code-mailer (1).png

New Instant Word Import For Easy Upload of Mock Test

So we have finally tinkered with our existing mock test import features using word doc. Now you can easily upload your mock tests using the word doc template. To upload the mock test you have download the template of word doc file from your mock test builder. In the new import process, you have to save the word file as html and upload the html file and then the images. You can also edit the questions with error tags without having to re-upload the whole file again. Isn't that awesome?

Now Your Learners Can Stream Encrypted Content from Most Popular Browsers

Our old web encryption player has only one limitation and a major one; you needed only Chrome web browser or mobile app to steram the encrypted contents. But we have brought down the barrier and now your learners can stream encrypted contents on most popular and widely used web browsers like chrome, firefox and safari both on mobile and web platform. Isn't that awesome? encryption-player-creative (1).png

Now Offer Your Encrypted Courses on SD Card

We all know that internet is unreliable at times due to bad connectivity or poor network coverage. But that doesn't mean that you have to compromise with your online teaching. Now with Learnyst's offline SD card solution you can offer your encrypted courses to your learners in SD card, so that they don't have to be dependent on internet connection. To know more contact us at or ring us on 9972211771 offline-card-solution-mail_banner_2 (1).jpg

Navigate To Learner Profile From Answer Review Page

Now you can easily navigate to your learner's account from answer review page. Just click on the name of the learner from the list and you will be guided to the learner's account.

Now Navigate To Learner's Account From Your Discussion Forum

Now you can easily navigate to your learner's account from discussion forums. Just click on the name of the learner from the list and you will be guided to the learner's account.

Use Web & Mobile App Analytics For Better Marketing Campaigns

We have refined our old App Analytics and with this new and enhanced web and mobile App Analytics you can track the learners’ study pattern.

Currently, you have three platform to choose from,

Your online teaching website Your Android teaching app Your iOS teaching app And you can track three useful information on these three platforms,

App opens Time in app Unique app opens How will App Analytics benefit me? So now you might be wondering how these information will help you achieve the best for your online institution. Well, these three information tell you the number of times your app or website was accessed by the learners.

So a peak of app opens on a particular day will tell you about what is the preferred study time of the learners. Time in app says the amount of times learners are spending on the app. And finally unique app opens tell you the total number of unique learners who have opened your online learning app Using these information, you can easily layout a plan for sending push and email messages for your learners, based on user activity. You can use push and email messages for communicating marketing messages like discounts or releasing new courses, or scheduling a mock test. And, as you engage your learners more, it will invariably translate into higher revenue for your online teaching venture.

Now You Can Download Single Order Invoice

With the new upgrade in the Learner tab, now you can download invoices for single order (Download the single order invoice from Learners > Orders tab for Online purchases)

Now Check Your Bandwidth Usage

Do you know that you can check your bandwidth usage?

Yes! You heard us right. With the new updates in your billing page, now you can check more detailed usage in your billing page. Such as daily bandwidth usage & mock test takes. (Bills > Bills Usage > Check Bandwidth Usage | Check Mocktests Usage )

Introducing Email Messenger (Beta) For Easy Communication and More Conversion

Email messenger is one such tool that helps independent teaching business like yours with easy and targeted communications. Email messenger helps you send targeted emails to your learners and keep them engaged. Email messenger can be used for,

  • Course and mock test related communication
  • Special offers and promotional offers
  • Learner specific communication etc.

Using this newly introduced email messenger, you can scale up your online independent in the shortest period of time. Because these communications will make your learners into a loyal learner base. And also it makes your communications a lot easier.

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