New Filter For Hassle Free Grouping of Learners

The filter is a good choice for a tool when you want to group your learners based on any particular attributes. It can be the common course they bought or certain marks they received, their geographic location and the list goes on and on. So, we have decided to introduce a lot more attributes to filters that you can use. Now that we have given you the tool, what are you waiting for? Make the most of the filter and let us know what you think of it.

Below is the list of filters that are currently available for you to use.

Introducing Variable Pricing

Now you can decide different prices for your courses depending on the validity period, or in other words, you can offer more than one validity period at different prices.

So going forward if any of your learners want to buy your courses for a different validity period than your actual validity period they can set it from the drop-down menu in the course purchase page and the updated course price will show up on screen. So they can only buy it for the duration they think is the best fit for them

Introducing Message Status Page

Gone are the days when you would send a message to your learner and simply wonder if they have received the message or not. Now quickly check your message status on our message status page. So check which of your messages did well than others, or the one which didn't fare that well. Get all the analytics at your fingertip.

Introducing Our New Mock Tests Pack

Have you ever wondered, why you should pay for two items! when you need only one item from that? Now that’s not a good thing, right?

We are breaking up the features in two different packs, The Course Pack, and The Mock Pack. That means, from now on you don’t have to pay for the features that you don’t use.

So if you conduct only mock tests, you can take up mock pack, and avoid paying for features that are useful in course creation

Introducing Learner Support Center - Save time and improve Learner Experience

With new "Learner Support" your learners can raise all the issues they are facing on the platform, to you directly. Once you resolve the issue the learners will be notified by email.

So how does Learner Support Center work?

Suppose your learner is having issue with opening one course.

So s/he has to click on "Support" button In the next page they will have to raise the support ticket The ticket will come to your admin support center interface You can resolve the issue using Learnyst knowledgebase Or if you are unable to resolve the issue, you can escalate it directly to Learnyst.

Send Push Notifications To Increase Conversion Rate By 200%

Now you can send push notifications for free to your learners and increase the learner retention rate by atleast 92% and the conversion rate by 200%.

Push notification gives you added advantages when it comes to engaging and retaining your current learners and convert your trial learners into your learner base. But that's not all with push notification you can,

  • Market Your Courses
  • Increase App/Website Traffic
  • Engage & Retain Your Existing Learner Base
  • Tap In to Your Inactive Learner Base and Convert Them

So, what are you waiting for? Send your first push notification now, and see how that engages your learners!

Krutidev Font for Indian Users

Good news for you if you want to upload your hindi content in Krutidev font. In our text editor we have added the Krutidev font so that you can directly copy paste your hindi content on Learnyst platform. Now that's helpful, isn't it?

You Can Now Charge GST on Course Sells

As per the Government of India rule you can now add GST (If you have registered your business under GST). We have enabled the provision to add the 18% GST on each course/test/bundle sale. Head to your admin settings to enable the GST, NOW!!!!

Learners Can Now Read Offline

We have enabled the saving of newsfeed posts for your learners. So if you add any new post to your newsfeed, your learners can save that post for future reading. And the good part about it? They can read it online.

Yes, once they save a post, they can come back later at anytime and can access the post without an internet connection. Now that's some thing really cool, isn't it?

You can too try newsfeed feature, upgrade today to enable newsfeed feature.

HTTPS To Secure Your Teaching Platform

At Learnyst, we take web security very seriously. So It should not be a surprise for you when we tell you that we are enabling HTTPS for your online teaching platforms.

Yes! You read that right!!!

Going forward all the websites, hosted on our platform, those are subscribed to the regular plan and above will have the free HTTPS upgrade. If you want to enable HTTPS for your website, upgrade your plan today!

No published changelogs yet.

Surely Learnyst will start publishing changelogs very soon.

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