Introducing Learner Support Center - Save time and improve Learner Experience

With new "Learner Support" your learners can raise all the issues they are facing on the platform, to you directly. Once you resolve the issue the learners will be notified by email.

So how does Learner Support Center work?

Suppose your learner is having issue with opening one course.

So s/he has to click on "Support" button In the next page they will have to raise the support ticket The ticket will come to your admin support center interface You can resolve the issue using Learnyst knowledgebase Or if you are unable to resolve the issue, you can escalate it directly to Learnyst.

Send Push Notifications To Increase Conversion Rate By 200%

Now you can send push notifications for free to your learners and increase the learner retention rate by atleast 92% and the conversion rate by 200%.

Push notification gives you added advantages when it comes to engaging and retaining your current learners and convert your trial learners into your learner base. But that's not all with push notification you can,

  • Market Your Courses
  • Increase App/Website Traffic
  • Engage & Retain Your Existing Learner Base
  • Tap In to Your Inactive Learner Base and Convert Them

So, what are you waiting for? Send your first push notification now, and see how that engages your learners!

Krutidev Font for Indian Users

Good news for you if you want to upload your hindi content in Krutidev font. In our text editor we have added the Krutidev font so that you can directly copy paste your hindi content on Learnyst platform. Now that's helpful, isn't it?

You Can Now Charge GST on Course Sells

As per the Government of India rule you can now add GST (If you have registered your business under GST). We have enabled the provision to add the 18% GST on each course/test/bundle sale. Head to your admin settings to enable the GST, NOW!!!!

Learners Can Now Read Offline

We have enabled the saving of newsfeed posts for your learners. So if you add any new post to your newsfeed, your learners can save that post for future reading. And the good part about it? They can read it online.

Yes, once they save a post, they can come back later at anytime and can access the post without an internet connection. Now that's some thing really cool, isn't it?

You can too try newsfeed feature, upgrade today to enable newsfeed feature.

HTTPS To Secure Your Teaching Platform

At Learnyst, we take web security very seriously. So It should not be a surprise for you when we tell you that we are enabling HTTPS for your online teaching platforms.

Yes! You read that right!!!

Going forward all the websites, hosted on our platform, those are subscribed to the regular plan and above will have the free HTTPS upgrade. If you want to enable HTTPS for your website, upgrade your plan today!

Creating Mock Test Is Easy With Test Template

Now we have made creating mock test easy with our new mock test templates. You can use these templates to create a stunning mock test easily that your learner will love to take. To know how to use the test template, login to your admin dashboard and use it today. Don't forget to tell us how did you like it. Know More

Learnyst to Levy GST

As per the new GST rule, Learnyst has revised its billing to levy the new Goods and Services Tax (GST) in the next invoices for all of its customers. The GST will be levied in your next billing cycle. To take benefit of GST input credit, we request you to update your GST number on your Learnyst admin dashboard.

Upgrade Received: Your Favorite Admin Dashboard Has 3 New Features

If you were in love with the admin dashboard, then we will give you three more reasons to love it even more. We have upgraded the admin dashboard to integrate three more features. Now you can,

  • Check your course/quiz reviews directly from admin dashboard

  • Check the discussion board, keep track of doubts learners are facing or the discussions they are taking part in

  • Review the essay type answers submitted by your learners and evaluate their marks.

With these three new features, we believe you will be managing your online teaching business much more efficiently

Anti Piracy Pack (Beta): Protects You From Data Pirates

If you are an active user of the world wide web, you are well aware of data piracy. And for those who are not familiar with data piracy, data pirates are online hackers or as popularly called data pirates, to distinguish them from other hackers. Data pirates reproduce your valued contents for redistribution purpose and to slow down your business. Though not necessarily, your learners might also do the same knowingly or unknowingly. To prevent this and ensure that more business comes your way, we have developed the anti-piracy pack which will keep your contents safe. As of now, there are two important features like Watermarking and Two-Factor Authentication. To know more about these features and start using the anti-piracy pack login to, today.

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