NMAT Test Templates Added in MockTest

As of July 2019, a new addition has been made to the test templates in mock test. Going forward, our mocktests will also have templates for creating NMAT exam.

You can access these templates, by going to the Admin panel--> Mock Tests-->Create New Mocktest. From here, you will be prompted to select the default test templates. Scroll down and click NMAT to access the NMAT template.

Secure your admin login with two factor authentication

As a teacher, you may delegate certain admin roles, to your internal team. In such cases, you may share your admin password. Most often, this may lead to your password being misused.

Two factor authentication process, helps you control this misuse. You can set a limit to the number of times per month you can login to your admin account id.

Once that limit is crossed, instead of password an OTP send to your registered mobile number need to be entered.

To know, how to enable this feature refer to the enable two factor authentication support article.


Use Question Pool feature to Create, Add, Reuse and Monitor your questions

During the time of July 2018, there was no way for a customer to share common questions between quizzes. Customers manually copy pasted or uploaded the questions, leading to a lot of manual work. Keeping our customers pain points in mind, we have come up with a solution namely the Question Pool.

Question Pool allows customers to create a new question, Import (through excel and word format), Track and Filter questions. It also gives you the question statistics to show how your students have responded to your questions.

You now have a feature that will allow you to create test modules fast and also help you respond to your customers needs.

To know more more about why to use this feature, you can visit our blog article linked below.


To know how to make use of this feature, you can visit our support article below.


PS: If you would are interested in trying out our platform, there is a 14 day free trial wherein, you can create your own online academy and access all features.

You can get to experience creating your own online academy and try out if this works for you for free during this period. Here is the link to the registration page.


Profit from your old courses with the copy course feature

The course copy is a new feature that has been added into the Learnyst course builder arsenal on Apr 12 2019. This new feature allows you to duplicate an existing course, which you can edit or add to create a brand new course.

This feature is currently available within the Course builder in the Utilities section.

With a vision to enhance the security of your courses and to allow a faster load time, the course copy feature creates a copy of your existing course in encrypted format.

To know more about how to copy an old course, you may visit the link from our support article below. http://support.learnyst.com/manage-your-course/how-to-create-a-new-course-without-having-to-build-it-from-scratch

You can also learn more about this new feature, by visiting our blog link below. https://blog.learnyst.com/course-copy-utility

PS: If you would are interested in trying out our platform, there is a 14 day free trial wherein, you can create your own online academy and access all features.

You can get to experience creating your own online academy and try out if this works for you for free during this period. Here is the link to the registration page.


Add course content and attachments by providing an external public URL link

Now, you can add course content and attachments by providing an external public URL link of that file. You can directly add the course content by providing an external public URL link to the following lesson types:

  1. Video Lesson
  2. Audio Lesson
  3. PDF Lesson
  4. Slide Lesson
  5. Scorm or Tincan Lesson

You can also add attachments to all your lessons by providing an external public URL link. For more details on how to do this click on the following link: http://support.learnyst.com/manage-your-course/creating-courses/how-to-add-course-content-and-attachments-by-providing-external-public-url-link

Google Sign-up Integration

Previously, you could enable your learners to sign up using their Google+ accounts. But, since March 7, 2019 the Google+ Sign-in has been completely deprecated. Presently, Google has shifted to a more comprehensive Google Sign-in authentication system. Now, you can allow your learners to sign up using their Google accounts. To know more about how you can set up the Google login/sign up for your students, click on: http://support.learnyst.com/manage-your-website/google-sign-up-integration

Import Learners with first time password

Now, when you are importing learners through admin panel, you can set learner password through learner import template (Excel import). For importing learners with initial password we have added a new column “Password”. You can now add your preferred password for learners.password (1).png

Zapier Integration

Zapier is a web-based service that helps you integrate your Learnyst account with third party applications like Gmail, Mailchimp, Google Sheets, CRM tools (like Hubspot, FreshSales, Zoho etc.) and many such Apps. With Zapier integration you can move data between Learnyst and Apps automatically. To know more about Zapier integration and to get a step-by-step guide to configure Learnyst on Zapier click on: http://support.learnyst.com/learnyst-faq/zapier-integration

APP 2.0 Launched successfully!

Header_image (1).png APP 2.0 features :

1.Sell more courses with highly secure learning apps - DRM encryption, screen capture restriction, single device restriction

2.Best in class media player with 10 sec forward & backward seek, video speed control and adaptive video streaming

3.Best mock test engine to render seamless and smooth test navigation

4.Industry standard exam analysis with ranking, section wise & topic wise analysis, comparison against topper & heat map showing time against accuracy

5.Globally acclaimed UI/UX for better learning experience

6.Best in class media player which is quicker than ever and offers seamless streaming experience even at lower internet speed

7.Robust mock test engine with advanced & comprehensive result analytics

8.Course sales page that highlights key indicators for better sales conversion

9.Payment gateway integration that gets payments directly to your bank account

10.Push message, discussion board & newsfeed for better learner engagement

11.Option to sell fully secure offline courses through SD-Card, Pendrive or self downloadable link

Live classes features released for all Course plans.

Now You Can sell Your Live Classes

We know you all had been waiting for this for long:)

Now you can deliver live classes and sell them through Learnyst and your learners would not have to go out of the learner's interface.

To know more about live classes integration in your online school, here is a step by step guide: http://support.learnyst.com/manage-your-course/how-to-embed-live-lesson-within-course Live-classes-mailer.png

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