Learnyst changelog
Learnyst changelog

Use Fast Checkout Feature and Sell Your Courses Faster




The new fast checkout feature allows your students to buy your course with just one click, without completing any additional steps.

**Key Highlights: **

  • You can create and share your unique fast checkout link for your products with your students.

  • After a successful course purchase, students will be automatically added to your course. No more manual entries from your side.

  • They can complete the other additional steps like filling out the custom fields or resetting their account details after the course purchase.

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Use Affiliate Marketing Feature and Promote Your Courses




Learners can now become affiliates and share your courses with their friends. In return, they can earn affiliate commissions as well.

Turn students into your brand ambassadors.

Learn how: How to Use Affiliate Marketing Feature To Promote Your Courses

App Builder Feature - Create and Publish Apps On Playstore From Your Admin Dashboard




Using the App builder, you can build your own branded Android mobile apps from your academy's dashboard.

The best part is, you can do this entirely on your own without needing a developer's help.

Here's the support article: Launch your branded android apps on Playstore using App Builder

Conduct Zoom LIVE Classes on Learnyst Without Any Hassles




Zoom is now integrated with Leanryst. This means you can run Zoom live classes on Learnyst without any configuring any additional setup.

You also don't need to purchase a Zoom license to run Zoom live classes.

To know more details, read:

How to Conduct Zoom Meetings on Learnyst From Your Own Academy

Your Admin UI has Changed for Good




We have changed our sidebar menu with a modern UI. Your sidebar will now look sleek and organized. Note that all features and functionalities will remain the same.


About us Page is Now Available on Your Course Store Page




We have added a new about us page on your course store page.

You can add your brand logo, description, contact email and social media links in the about us page.

About Us.gif

How to Change The Appearance of Your Course Store Page- Branding Feature




Students can see your courses on your course store page. (ie: www.yourwebsite.com/learn). You can now customize the colors, fonts and styles of this page.

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Tags Will Now Be Available as Hyperlinks




Students can now click on tags on the syllabus page and view all the lessons which have the same tag.

Tags GIF.gif

Integrate Pabbly With Learnyst




You can now connect multiple apps within Learnyst using Pabbly Connect.

Create workflows for connecting your favorite application & services without any manual efforts

Read More: How to Integrate Pabbly with Learnyst

Copy Multiple Courses, Mock-tests & Test Series

Want to create a new course, mock-test or test series from your existing ones?

The new copy product feature is here to help you.

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