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Learnyst Newsfeed Is Live Now


If you are active on Facebook, you might of seen how you can share a single piece of information with all your contacts through Newsfeed, and that too at the press of a button. If you have ever wished to have something similar for your eLearning Platform, then wait no more. Because Learnyst Newsfeed is live now. You can share any important information regarding any upcoming competitive examinations with all your learners, all at once. What's more? You can group your learners based on examination types and other parameters and send group specific newsfeed. To try this latest feature, please get in touch with us at hello@learnyst.com.

Use The OTP Feature For Secure User Authentication


​We have introduced yet another new feature to enhance your experience with the Learnyst platform.

User verification/authentication is absolutely essential in today’s time to verify the credentials of your learners. Verifying your learners using their contact informations will help you to ensure that your learners are verified and you can contact them on the provided contact information.

Now you can activate User Authentication by enabling SMS verification for the new sign ups on your eLearning Platform.

You can avail this OTP service for your school for as low as 9999INR.

To enable this feature please contact us on hello@learnyst.com

Implementation of New API Framework (JW Token)


We have made user authentication more secure with the system wide JW token implementation. This implementation will give you, Improved user authentication Secured log in process Secured session for your learners

Use Our Updated Course Settings


We have updated our old course settings to provide you with improved user experience. You can see settings categorized segment wise. You can use this settings to

  • Brand your course
  • Set pricing of your quiz or courses
  • Set pricing of your android or iOS app
  • Add course features
  • Add course instructor
  • Add faculty
  • You can also destroy or publish your course after reviewing

Introducing Learners


Use our latest feature Learners to manage everything about your learners. This is improved version of the earlier student module. Using Learners, you can -

  • Filter your learners based on different parameters
  • Track your learners’ progress
  • See details of your learners
  • Group your learners for targeted audience
  • Import or export learners list
  • Add learners to your course

Convert More Learners with Orders


Learnyst introduces Order, you can access it inside Learners module. Now use this feature to keep a track of your learners’ attempted/aborted payments. And you can contact the leads with 'aborted' status and convert them as your learners. To know more, mail us at hello@learnyst.com

Feature enhancements - Jan 2017


  1. Feedback question type - Use this question type within your quizzes or mock tests to capture your learner's feedback. Feedback questions will not carry any marks. It is useful to capture additional information from learners.

  2. Migrated to Native player of chrome for encrypted courses

  3. Mail notification to admin when learner submits course review

  4. Showing test grading and analytics for test added within a lesson

  5. Support for Naira currency (Nigerian currency)

  6. Learner invite mail modification for accounts using only social login

Introducing Learner Verification


Verifying Learner information like email & phone number is very important since many Learners signup with dummy emails and fake phone numbers. Our customers need to spend considerable amount of time in segregating valid leads.

Now you can verify Learners phone number through SMS OTP. The verification process is commonly known as Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA).

Enabling Learner Verifications

  • Login to Learnyst Admin Console
  • Click on Settings
  • In Settings, select Apps on side panel
  • Enable Learner Verification App


  • OTP authentication on Learner Login (now available for signup only)
  • Phone number and Learner Name watermarking on Videos


Learner Verification App is priced at INR 49,999 + service tax with 1 year validity and 60,000 messages. But in beta, we are offering 20% discount which comes to INR 39,999 + service tax.

You can try it for free for first 100 Learner Verifications.

We hope Learner verification will help you verify learners and curb course piracy.

Learners Beta is Live


Interacting with your Learners is an important part of running your online teaching business. Every time a new learner enrol or buy courses, their name and other details are added to your learner list.

In new Learners interface you can

  • Make use of powerful filters to get required learner information
  • Create Learner Groups on various filter conditions
  • Export Learners or Course report or Orders report on filter condition
  • Import Learners from excel document

The Learners interface will be available from Starter Plan. We are planning to deprecate Students module once Learners is out of Beta.

In near future we We are planning to add many more features like

  • Tagging Learners to a college or batch
  • Export Subjective or essay questions and answers
  • Learner Course insights to understand Learner performance

Chat client embedded in iOS & Android apps


You can now add chat client inside your apps. It will help you to convert users more quickly to paid users by resolving their queries. We are enabling this feature one by one to all the mobile apps

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